Spirit: Nicole Donant's Horse

"I LOVE horses!"

- Nicole Donant


Pegasus Farm provides individuals with mental and/or physical disabilities and at-risk youth the opportunity to participate in therapeutic recreational activities designed to meet their specific needs. A relaxing educational environment enables riders to build self-confidence and valuable social skills while a peaceful, supportive atmosphere provides informational networking and respite for accompanying families.

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Nicole has loved horses her entire life. They not only bring her enjoyment from their pure beauty and grace, but for Nicole they are part of her therapy. She has been riding at Pegasus Farms in Hartville, Ohio for many years and the value has been amazing. It has helped her walk better and feel better overall.

Thanks to Three Wishes, Nicole has her very own horse named Spriit. It is a Buff Quarter Pony and it has an exact resemblence to the horse from the Walt Disney movie, Spirit. Since November, Spirit has been in training to become a therapy horse. Since march, Nicole has been able to begin grooming Spirit and they are becoming fast friends. It is anticipated that by the end of April or in early May, Nicole will be able to begin riding Spirit for her therapy needs.