The Village of Mineral City Nicole Donant Library

"You are an inspiration ... to your school, to the people here, and to all of us at three wishes"

-Amy Grant
Host of Three Wishes

The school sign at Nicole's school says it all, "Another Wish Granted"
Nicole arrives at the library for the first time.
Amy greets Nicole in front of the new Nicole Donant Library.
A first look at the completed Nicole Donant Library.
Open for all visitors.
Nicole's Corner - a place Nicole can read to all the children.

See the behind the scenes
photos of "Three Wishes"
presentation of the
Nicole Donant Library

Grand Opening of The Village of Mineral City Nicole Donant Library

After months of preparing and cataloging thousands of books, the library had the ribbon cutting ceremony on April 6, 2006! The library is open for all to visit. We encourage you to bring your friends and family to the library and experience it for yourself. If you would like to help support the new library, please consider a membership in the Friends of the Nicole Donant Library today. Your support is appreciated!

The Village of Mineral City Nicole Donant Library

Nicole's original dream was to wait until a library was finished "someday" so she could create a"story time" for young children. Although Nicole has experienced physical limits in her life, she has used books and her imagination to travel. She wants to share that experience with others. So, earlier this year Nicole and her father Steve went to the first casting call for the NBC Three Wishes and submitted several wishes for the community, Pegasus Farms, Nicole's Girl ScoutTroop, and for herself.

On October 18th, Nicole's school bus delivered her to the site of the new Village of Mineral City Nicole Donant Library. Nicole, her parents Steve and Linda and hundreds of local residents, family, school and Girl Scout friends cheered when singer Amy Grant, host of the NBC show "Three Wishes" and Carl Oosterhouse, carpenter from "Trading Spaces" made a very special presentation and unveiled the new 3,200 square foot, Village of Mineral City, Nicole Donant Library.

Nicole had not been told ahead of time that her wish had been granted, but she didn't give up. "I just kept hoping that it would come true, and here it is," she said. Built on village-owned ground, the new library houses over 6,000 books collected from her Girl Scout Bronze Award book drive.It includes a "Nicole's corner" in the new library with a painted mural and fleece mushrooms used for chairs, flowers and books. There are eight computers, thousands of books, and many volunteers ready to staff and manage the facility.

Like the story that begins, "Once upon a time," this story in Mineral City tells us how a young girl cared enough to make a difference. I think you will agree, Nicole Donant is an awesome example of a girl who found in Girl Scouting .Courage to embark on a new adventure, confidence discovering her new abilities, shining character shaped by her values, and connections through friendships old and new and where a girl, one unique and determined girl, returned those gifts and made the world a better place.

Currently, Nicole is a student at Tusky Valley Middle school and is in the seventh grade. She is still active in 4-H Club, Girl Scout Troop 234, and riding At Pegasus Farms. She has earned the"God and Family" Award and the Girl Scout Bronze Award.